Random facts about me!

  1.  I truly love God, not because i am a good person, really... what's not to like.. he is awesomeness personified!
  2.  I am so grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, i can't fathom his love for mankind, we are so undeserving, i personally feel so unworthy
  3. I believe in the power of prayer, i pray about the littlest "why would God be concerned about this" things.
  4. I love my husband completely, it's amazing how that is so, even though he is imperfect, no one is..
  5. My husband is a hands-on dad, he is so amazing with our son he knows how to take care of him without me, i could leave Jesse with his dad for a year and never worry..what a blessing!
  6. One of the nick names, i gave my son is, "bright eyed wonder", because he has beautiful big eyes just like his mama and because well..he is a wonder, and no, i am not biased :)
  7. I am a Nigerian and i believe we are a unique people ( both in the good and the bad ways)
  8. I am deeply saddened by the state of my nation, i sometimes get very emotional about this.
  9. Jemima is one of my names, but it is not the name everyone knows me by, only family and close friends.
  10. I am in love with the concept of "being in love"
  11. I am a love story junkie..i can be soppy like that!
  12. I am super proud of my only sister, i admire that she has her head screwed on straight, explains why she is also the genius of the family:)
  13. I think my brothers are the greatest guys on the planet, i would marry them in a heart beat, were we not related, i honestly think their wives are lucky.
  14. I am the first of four children, and i love my siblings to bits!
  15. I take my role as a senior sister very seriously, i am very involved in the life of my siblings, i am the 'helicopter sister' always hovering near by ;)
  16. I am not a shy person, i make friends easily and i am fun to be around
  17. I wish i was calmer, i sometimes think i act too ..what's the word..animated..
  18. My favourite colour for now will have to be brown..very boring i know, but i am captivated by its calmness..go figure!
  19. I  anticipate what could possibly go wrong in any given situation, i always say 'if anything can go wrong it will'....it drives my husband crazy
  20. I love to read, i virtually disappear into the world of whatever book i am reading
  21. I read very fast, i can finish a book in hours!
  22. I talk to my self, a lot, I am working on it! 
  23. I am not a girly girl,even though i wish i was, i am more comfortable with trousers than skirts, i do admire girly people tremendously though
  24. I have weak ankles, sometimes i trip or fall for no apparent reason
  25. I have a love /hate relationship with high heels, i love seeing how they look on other people but i hardly wear them, they are so uncomfortable for me, i have learnt to make do with medium - high, block heels
  26. I stammer,when i get angry or excited, it has improved over the years, but i wish i didn't ..i am in awe of eloquent people ( hubby is one of them) ;-)
  27. I speak rather rapidly, its's so weird, i don't seem to know how to talk slowly, it gets really embarrassing sometimes when people don't hear me and i have to keep repeating myself, i have my dad to blame for that gene..thanks pops!
  28. I am petrified of addressing people publicly, i know most people are afraid of public speaking, but my fear is based on the two previously mentioned factors, i do speak publicly sometimes but i always do my best to avoid it...
  29. I love to write,...my reasons are,  it's a private act, it's expressive and i don't have to stand in front of people
  30. I have been told i write exactly the way i speak, if only....  
  31. I still have trouble believing that i actually gave birth to my child, child birth is indeed an awesome privilege, thank you lord!
  32. I can't draw to save my life, i seem to be utterly uncreative in that department, but i have an excellent eye for art..well, what do you know!
  33. I derive tremendous joy in making other people happy
  34. I am easily moved by the suffering of others
  35. I am not afraid of anyone, i think it's in the stars..i am a Leo!
  36. I am terribly afraid of cockroaches..imagine that!..is that a Leo thing too?
  37. I cannot watch scary/horror movies, i won't be able to sleep at night
  38. Whenever i am watching a movie with scary/bloody/violent scenes, i cover my eyes, something inside me just revolts, honest, i kid you not...
  39. I have always wished i was light skinned, it took years to accept myself and to realise that black is beautiful too!
  40. I hated my 'real life' name as a child, now i can't imagine being called anything else..
  41. Slow internet connections and computers that hang, make me want to tear my hair out!
  42. I would do anything to avoid hurting another person, if it lies in my power..truly
  43. I go out of my way to do things for people, even if it is inconvenient for me..i find it hard to say no...
  44. I hate confrontations, i can sometimes be a doormat because of this..
  45. I can be extremely brutal, you don't want to get on my wrong side, sooo........... since i hate to hurt people, i just avoid confrontations.
  46. I am not a gang girl, i am comfortable being alone in the crowd..
  47. I am a non conformist, i usually question the status quo...
  48. I love surprises, but i am extremely difficult to surprise, I pick up clues very easily!
  49. I hate, hate, to be let down/disappointed after i have put my hopes in something/someone, i guess that explains my 'negative Nancy' philosophy about life
  50. I have been told i am pretty :).. truth is i am completely unaware of my looks, for me, at least i don't scare off children ...lol
  51. I will agree i have lovely eyes!, i think they are my prettiest facial feature *vain me*
  52. I have always used gray contact lenses, they only time i ever used plain ones, was on my wedding day, something to do with me wanting to look natural..duh!
  53. I thought i was ugly for years because i wore glasses
  54. I do not like Bananas, i can eat it, but i do not like it!
  55. I love Dodo (fried plantain) , i can eat it everyday, really strange Plantain and Banana are alike aren't they?
  56. I love road side Puff Puff
  57. I forgive easily, but i never forget..i am very protective of my feelings and won't allow the same person to hurt me twice..hello marriage!
  58. I have a tendency to regret an action for years afterwards, so i am not very decisive
  59. Once i make up my mind about something or some one, i am pretty much set in stone! working on this as well
  60. I always knew i would have a daughter first..duh! i can't imagine life without my son :)
  61. I did not notice my husband throughout university days, even though we were in the same faculty,he knew me, but to him i was 'just 'a girl ' .....
  62. My husband and i met again in a political party... yep!
  63. My political view goes something like this ..People get the kind of leadership they allow..is that also true for marriage? 
  64. I am not easily intimidated (except of course when a gun is involved), i usually stand up for my rights..
  65. I am always on the side of the underdog..*Voltron, defender of the universe* 
  66. I am very perceptive, i sense things and people easily..
  67. I am a very good judge of character, uncannily so, that why i have the sweetest friends in the world :)
  68. I love, love to dance, i can hardly hear music without feeling like dancing, unfortunately i am just an above average dancer!
  69. I love owanbe* parties, well your typical birthday and wedding part in Nigeria  the reason is the eleres* have a unique genre of music, i usually dance the night and my reputation away ..lol!
  70. I think Ebenezer Obey is the greatest Yoruba singer/philosopher ever, you can't beat the wisdom in his songs, and you cannot convince me otherwise (i inherited that love from my mum) 
  71. I still believe in love at first sight :) very ridiculous really, after six seven years of marriage??
  72. My husband and i were not love at first sight, but we clicked right away, like old friends.
  73. I have only been in love one and half times in my life, the first person is my husband and then a certain guy i once worked with, so if you are not one of these two..sorry ex, i lied i know now that it was not true love, i was just 'in love with being in love'
  74. I put the second guy as a half, only because we never dated and it most likely would not have worked, i believe what i had for him was real..and of course love can overcome all, i don't believe that anymore!
  75. I have dated three guys in my life, my husband was the third!
  76. I am very close to my maternal grand mother, she is about 90 years and there will be an abyss of grief when she is gone..   i will miss her terribly ....
  77. I hate being cold, the two times i have traveled during winter, i truly felt compassion for those living in temperate regions, and was so thankful for the sun in Africa
  78. I have a love/hate relationship with air conditioners because of the above..
  79. I get squeamish at the sight of blood or at the sight of someone in pain..i could never have done well in the medical field
  80. I stumbled into the aviation industry, but i love it , its my forte,...no wonder geography was sooo easy for me is school
  81. I once worked in an airline, and left because of the poor pay, that was still my most enjoyable job!
  82. I am still searching for my dream Job, it has to have just the right amount of money versus what i love to do
  83. I love to travel, air and train are my favourite modes
  84. Air planes and airports fascinate me, they just seems so full of life and diversity 
  85. I do not really enjoy shopping, it's just necessitous to me, i am a strange female!
  86. I enjoy eating good food so much, thankfully, i get full pretty easily
  87. Once i am full, i cannot eat another bite, not even the chicken, ice cream whatever, the food simply loses its appeal
  88. I love to cook and I believe i am a great cook, at least most people have told me so ;)
  89. I love to bake, and i make a mean chocolate cake, the recipe is here 
  90. I do not like to frost cakes, my hands get shaky and i make a mess of it, i don't think i am creative at all in that aspect too
  91. I love trying out new cake recipes though
  92.  I love to sneeze
  93. I love to laugh, laugh deep down to my being...
  94. Humour is very important to me in a relationship, my husband, siblings and closet friends all crack me up constantly 
  95. One of my favourite places in the world is my bed, i love to sleep...not practical in real life, so i am working on it 
  96. I was always sad in the first few weeks after having my son whenever i had to wake up to breastfeed, apparently those who said mothers were sleep deprived were not kidding ..
  97. I love having my hair shampooed with warm water, it's the great feeling 
  98. I have a very wild  vivid imagination, you cannot begin to imagine the things i have imagined....
  99. I love languages, i am able to learn them easily
  100. I love the Yoruba language, it is the richest Nigerian language and no, i am not biased :)
  101. I love the French language, i went to french school to learn it, (my mum sent all four of us ), i am so rusty..but my love for the language is like the mercies of God......it will endure forever
  102. I believe i could not have married a white man ,anything is possible, but he would have to be Latino, French or Italian, in my opinion those guys are just......words fail me!  okay awesome will have to do ..
  103. I am in awe of good looking men, i just stare and stare!
  104. I am fascinated by stars and all things that pertain to astronomy
  105. When i was a child i wanted to be an astronomer
  106. Growing up, i was convinced my mum was the wicked step mother i had read about i was adopted, my mum was all together too strict and downright bitchy  mean at times in my own opinion.
  107. I understand her now, it couldn't have been easy raising four kids on your own, BUT growing up with her was really hard, and our relationship was really strained.
  108. I believe my siblings and i have this super relationship because we had to stick together through adversity and strange happenings with so called family members
  109. My relationship with my mum is much better now, i am amazed to see her in 'granny' mode too, she is so unstrict with my son..
  110. I react exactly the way my mum reacts when she gets good news..i dance and shout 'praise the lord' ..i guess those things do rub off.
  111. My father in law is the awesomeness father there is, he is the kindest  most caring man i know, so wise and the perfect gentleman, i remind hubby all the time how lucky he is, i wish he was my father...
  112. I am terrible with spelling, spell checker is my BF!
  113. I am beginning to think i am jinxed, i have had terrible bosses in all my jobs so far, i don't know why and the thing is i am a really good employee...what could be the problem?
  114. I love Cartoons, i still watch them...yep!
  115. I lose my orientation and get lost all the time, this infuriates my husband
  116. I have hundreds of addresses in my head, i never forget an address, what good is that really, when you don't know where you are going..
  117. I love perfumes, i love to smell nice
  118. I practically collect perfumes, its an indulgence really 
  119. I do not know how to ride a bicycle, will never understand how i missed that part of my childhood
  120. I love musicals, especially old ones, my favourites will have to Sound of Music and Oliver Twist
  121. I love Hymns, i know a lot of them by heart
  122. I have developed a love for country music, thanks to my husband , before i met him the only country singer i knew was Shania Twain
  123. My Love Language flunctuates between words of affirmation and physical touch, the assessment tests have yielded both at different times, i am not sure one can have two strong love languages, maybe i am strange. I think the primary one would have to be words of affirmation though, i never forget words, kind and unkind, i remember them all...yikes!
  124. I love Indian movies, most Nigerians from my generation grew up watching Bollywood, i just love their plots and the beautiful people in them. Go Bollywood!
  125. I think Three Idiots is the greatest master piece ever done from Bollywood.
* VOLTRON - A cartoon we grew up watching in the 80's , he did defend the universe
*OWANBE- Yoruba word, literal meaning is 'he is there' but actually implies a certain kind of Yoruba party
*ELERE - Yoruba Musician 


  1. Jemima, I'm loving reading your blog. My husband was reading over my shoulder yesterday as I read your random facts about yourself, and he kept saying, "Wow, that's YOU!" And I was amazed myself at how much we have in common. Other than about 30 years!! And I'll say it again -- I'd love to meet you! I was writing to you in my head all day yesterday!

  2. This cracked me up, you mean you are as weird as i am??..but thirty years older, that would make you what..an older version of me. lol....well let's just say you have just made my day with your comments...thank you thank you..much love:)

  3. You know, when i got to #27, it was beginning to get really creepy cos it felt like i was reading about myself and i was wondering if my alter ego was doing this and then i got to #35 and saw Leo! Yay to Leos, we rock!!!

    We have way too many things in common o! az in, this is very very freak/creep worthy smh. I'd love to meet you

  4. Really?, that is nice , i actually think i am weird, so its nice to meet a 'double' , we could always arrange a blate if you are game! we'll see!

  5. AKOJENU oluwatosin MEDEYONMIMay 11, 2012 at 1:11 PM

    wow! i am teary eyed right now and i'm grinning at the same time.silly me. i really do love your person cos i see a reflection of me in you. except for a very few things, this could pass as facts about me! vous etes vraiment tres drole et je suis tres heureux que j'ai ouvrir cette blog....oui,je parle francais.*wink* wish i could meet you in person....i am in awe of women so full of life and loves God.I have an NGO, yet to be registered though, VIRTUOUS WOMEN FOUNDATION. and i love meeting women that exudes godliness,class,inetelligence,charisma and so on.here's my bb pin,262A00D4please add me so we can chat often. I love your blog! you rock!

    1. hey dear, i am touched by your honesty..but slight problem.....em (clearing throat) this may sound weird...but... i do not have a BB, deliberately, i am yet to be convinced to get it, my email is jemima.myworld@ yahoo.com, sorry that would have to do

  6. Hi Jemima,

    This is an awesome, down-to-earth piece. We are very alike :-).

    I am a mother of 4, and I live in the Middle-East at the moment.

    Take care,


  7. Am really seeing a reflection of me in u am just 16 but i want 2 ask a questn can someone be too kind,mercyful?

  8. Yep, I agree with everyone. You're clearly a really lovely person. I want to meet you, too!

  9. 73 cracked me up. glad to read 85, I'm glad I'm not the only, thank God for the internet! I think I like you a lot :-)

  10. Hi Jemima, i love to read your blog so inspiring !!

    And the random facts about you just ' WOW '


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