Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hello and see ya!

Hi Folks,

I am apologizing once again for my disappearance (sigh), so much is happening, and i have not found the inspiration to sit behind a computer to blog, maybe i have writer's block? ...

All is well with me and my family and shout out to everyone who asked after me, Toin, Sykik , Joie and Ginger especially. Real life is happening and i should be back in about two months ( more or less) to give you an update.... i will still find time to read your blogs and comment and if something interesting comes up, i might be back from my hiatus early, who knows?

I will leave you with this awesome video ( if you haven't already seen it) , i have watched it over and over again and each time the dance moves and lines still get me. The maker of this video should take a bow, that is all.  You dey feel am?




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