Friday, February 22, 2013

The ones born nowadays - A birthday post

My son was five last week, gosh!, where has all the time gone?. I still remember the moment the doctor placed him on my abdomen right after his umbilical cord was cut, funny the things one remembers, i remember reaching out to touch this alien looking creature that was lying on me and searching deep within me for the instant bond, the instant connection that i was supposed to feel the first time i set eyes on my baby. I felt nothing, and i didn't care. You see, i was just so exhausted from a labor that had lasted for a whole day and i just wanted to eat and sleep.

I am amazed at the quantum leap that has been taken by that tiny bundle in just five years. I really haven't paid enough attention; so i am unable to say which generation is generation 'X' or generation 'Y', but these kids we have nowadays, are wise beyond their years. There is no end to the amount of information they are able to assimilate and actually understand. I can't count the number of times my son will do or say something and i am completely shocked ( how did he know that?). Everyone complains says the same thing about their kids, so maybe we should call these ones generation 'Z', as in, they have to be the end of the continuum because i cannot honestly imagine another generation of children being any smarter. I think it is freak-ish, seriously.

This post is not about labor nor about the generational gap and i have no idea how i got here, but i just wanted to document that at five years of age, my son is able to play any game on any phone just give him a few minutes to understand it first, he is able to power both our laptops and basically navigate it to get to games or cartoons by himself, he also says things that surprise me almost everyday. Take for instance these two conversations that took place some weeks ago;

Scene 1:; We are doing homework

Jesse: I don't understand what you have just explained to me, that's not what my teacher said ( that's his way of saying teachers are geniuses, parents are dumb)

Me: Okay i will explain it again, just listen

Jesse: I am not sure that what you are saying is correct

Me: (jokingly), come on love, i went to school too and i am smart

Jesse: ( serious look) mum, you really are not very smart

Me : ( amused) why would you say that ?

Jesse ( matter of fact- ly) because that is not what my teacher taught me. Please give me the green crayon

I reach out for the green crayon and some how my fingers curl around the orange one instead,  i had handed it to him before i realized .

Jesse: ( very matter of fact look) This is not green mum, i told you, you are not very smart. ouch!

I didn't know what to say, i finally mutter something about it being a mistake and that everyone makes mistakes... when i was recounting this to my hubby later on, he was in stitches

Scene 2: We are sitting together and watching TV

Jesse: Mum, who will marry me?

Me: I don't know that yet sweetie, when its time you will know

Jesse: When i am a dad, you will be a grandma, right?

Me:   ( happily) by the grace of God , i will be

Jesse: ( cue sad face), i don't want you to be a grandma

Me ( shocked) why?

Jesse: well i don't want you to be old like grandma and grandpa

Me: When i am old you will be grown up too, so its not a problem

Jesse: Mum i don't want you to be old, i don't want you to die, old people always die

I am looking at this boy and i am wondering ' why are you thinking such deep thoughts' ? when i was your age my world revolved around school, homework, ten ten* ( yeah i was a champion) and four o'clock ( when cartoons came up then)

I didn't know how to explain to him that life is not exactly how he understands it,  that young people die too, that no one lives for ever, and that this is just the cycle of life .. i still shudder thinking about it, here is a boy whose four grandparents are still alive and he is thinking about death and dying, what is the reference point?

Or is it one morning, just before Christmas, he had just woken up and he said 'Mum, i have something to ask you, i have been praying to Jesus to give me a brother and a sister, why is he not answering' ?, i am equal parts of surprise and awe , i replied ' keep praying sweetie he will certainly answer you', abi how i for do?

This generation eh .. na wa..

Happy Birthday to my beloved boy, you make me so happy, you amaze me and jar me all the time, i couldn't have asked for a better son. I know God will answer your prayers and give you the siblings you want because he knows how much you love kids. I am blessed beyond measure that you are my son and so grateful. I love you to all the planets and back .

A children's game in the eighties*


  1. Am in stitches here, laughing at "This is not green mum, i told you, you are not very smart. ouch!".... He sure is a smart boy and he didn't get it from his teacher, he got it from dad and mum.

    I wish Jesse a happy happy birthday. He will grow in wisdom and knowledge.
    luke 2:40 declares ....and the child grew and was strengthened in spirit, being filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him.
    This shall be the testimony concerning Jesse in Jesus name. Amen

  2. I love your boy. He's so thoughtful and perceptive too. I've stopped trying to understand kids. They keep 'wow-ing' me

    Wishing him many many more wonderful years. May he be a huge blessing to you and the world :)

    1. He is very thoughtful and perceptive almost in creepy way sef.. thanks and amen!

  3. Awwww! Such a lovely little boy. Happy birthday to him!

    Kids never cease to amaze me, but as the Word says...out of the mouth of babes. Boundless wisdom.

    Many many more! May he always give you cause to laugh out loud!


    1. out of the mouth of babes o...thanks and amen!

  4. Wow, your son is something else. Happy birthday in arrears to him. May God continue to keep and guide him.

    1. Thanks Atilola, hope you are enjoying your break

  5. Happy birthday to your son! Sounds like you have done a fantastic job raising such an intelligent and inquisitive young man.

    1. I am not sure i did the raising, he is just a blessing from God . Thanks

  6. Much too cute. Happy Birthday, Jesse!

  7. OMG, Your son is so cute, smart, everything! I want one :)

    God will answer his prayers o, Amen! And for myself too.

    1. Hey Myne yes he is such a blessing and pray that you too will know this joy :) amen!

  8. I am in in this is one bundle of joy and wit.

  9. Jesse sounds amazingly smart and sensitive. Its belated but pls give him an extra hug today from me.

    He will be a father. And you will be a Grandma. Amen!!


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