Friday, January 25, 2013

Driving in Lagos - rules of the road

I somehow forgot to post this, i did intend to finish this series last year...sorry can't edit anymore, even though we now have new 'issues' on Lagos roads....

There are unspoken rules for driving in this city, some of the rules are below;

Assume every road user is either a learner or partially demented, in other words, practice defensive driving always!

Its a false assumption to think that drivers actually notice the lanes on Lagos roads, get used to the constant evolving of new lanes.

Some pedestrians are unbelievably careless when crossing the roads etc, slow down when getting to a bus stop, you never know who has a death wish

People will tail gate you, try not to stop suddenly.

You will get cut off without warning a lot, and still get blamed  for rear ending someone, be ready to apply your breaks rather quickly

Learn to ignore car horns, because you will hear them all day, just tune them out

You cannot tell what sort of vehicle is close to you, simply by the sound of their horn, okada riders have been known to fit trailer horns on their motorcycles, so there..
Your horn is your friend, use it liberally, it has many function; it can scare off Okadas riders, Danfo drivers, Trailers who pack in the middle of the road. It can warn the pedestrians who have death wishes or not ..besides the horn never hurt anybody, so just honk away!

There is no such thing as a one way in Lagos, it is somewhat imaginary, it is not an uncommon sight to see a danfo coming at you with full speed on a supposed one way...

A lot of drivers do not bother to use their pointers, they think it is optional, be super observant.

There will almost always be some idiot who will run the red light, so please  give a few seconds before proceeding on green lights, just to be safe, though the cars behind you will try to deafen you with their horns, just ask them to fly!

Please note that Lastma ( Lagos traffic officials) will turn a blind eye to a commercial driver's flgrant traffic offence and punish regular drivers for honest mistakes ( how does one know a road is only one-way without sign posts uh?). So watch your back.

Finally the new traffic laws in Lagos State are booby traps, maybe we should all just swing from trees, it might just be easier..

Nice weekend everyone...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Hopes

Happy New Year blog fam, here is to an even greater 2013 than 2012 , i was really hopefully that 2012 would deliver. That's why my last year's post was really excited (if you didn't know, i thought 2012 sucked actually, so i am not as excited this new year, but it can only get better right?), so i am really putting my money on 2013, we are alive and healthy and that means everything because when there is life there is hope..and hope does not make ashamed. Happy new year folks!


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