Friday, November 2, 2012

Life Lately (random post)

Hello People,

Its been a while, i have been super busy and have not had time to write. Just thought to let you know what has been happening around these parts lately..

- I have missed blogging terribly, i promise i have a dozen unfinished posts in my drafts, what?, you didn't know?, i am the queen of draft posts.
- I still try to read as much of your blogs as possible, i do try...
- The fuel scarcity is senseless, what is the matter with this country .ha!
- I don't know whats up with the NEPA tarrif now, we use a prepaid meter, it runs so fast, that we are now scared to put on AC or use the electric kettle..smh!
- Work is still there, i have had no luck in getting a new Job, but i am trusting God, who else am i going to trust uh?
- I met an old friend, i am not sure if i should call him an old friend, as we have never even seen each other before that day.. i will talk about him in my next post
- TTC is still elusive, most times i am fine with my precious boy, sometimes i want another child so badly it stops me in my tracks. Truth is i hardly think about it BUT everyone is pregnant around me so it's right there in my face.
- My boy is so grown up, so kind and thoughtful, so naughty and so intelligent, i couldn't have asked for a better child..i am blessed
- My son is obsessed so good with computer games, i don't know whether to be worried or proud, so far my four year old has set high scores on angry birds that none of us have been able to top ..oh well i guess he has time on his hands and we don't?.
- We were at Ibadan this holiday weekend for a wedding, i had so much fun and rested, i actually told hubby we should consider buying a property in Ibadan, did i just say that? i am a Lagos bred through and through, but something about IB just gets me.

- My husband and i celebrated our 7th year anniversary this weekend, i can't believe its been seven years, time flew, i am so thankful for the great times, we have had a lot of those, and even the 'not so great' times were essential ( although i didn't think so at that time), they were learning curves.
- At seven years of marriage, i thought we would have been done with child bearing, what can i say, life happens
- We had a huge party for my mom's 60th birthday party two weeks ago, gosh i didn't know we could pull it off . But pull it off, we did, my siblings and i have been saving and planning for this party for two years and it finally came and it was a fantastic day.... food, music, decor, everything was on point... every one was praying for us .. mum deserved it, she brought up 4 kids all alone  .. everyone said our tributes to her were touching, i would have shared them here, if i wasn't an anonymous blogger.
- I am considering writing about our lives growing up .. i think i will
- Is there a honest person left in Nigeria?, i ask because in planning for the party, we were duped not once but thrice; when we went to buy the Lace (*aso ebi) at the wholesale market in Lagos, 5 yards was missing out of one of the bundles.The bags of rice were not full bags, and of course the basket of tomatoes were padded halfway in mile twelve, that one is not even shocking because it can be done easily...please note this is not my first time shopping in any of these places and i am quite street smart. Those people made us look like **JJCs ...what is happening in Naija?
- The new blogger interface is so confusing for me, blogger why now? haven't you heard of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' ..ha!

That's all folks, enjoy your weekend, and shout out to Toin... hope to resume regular posting now

* Aso ebi - meaning uniform worn by a group of people at a social function
**Johhny just come.. meaning someone who is new in town


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