Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If you knew me..

This has pretty much gone round blogsville, but hey, i am still gonna do it...

If you knew me, You'd know....

That i began complaining about my vision when i was nine, that my mother would not hear of it because she probably thought ignoring a problem would make it go away or maybe she just refused to accept that i had inherited myopia from her

That i have been wearing glasses since i was 10 years and  3 months ( yep i remember the exact date i got the first pair)

That i have finally gotten over the fact that the doctors lied, my eye sight never improved, it just got worse ( ever so slightly)

That i still hate reading from that lighted screen at the optician's with mixed up alphabets and having light shone into my eyes, even though i have done it a million times

That there was a time when i couldn't wait to pierce an extra hole in my ear, that it used to be, my dressing was not complete without an ankle chain, that my mum and i fought endlessly about this, that i have no idea now who that person was

That i stopped putting an earring in the second hole, that i wanted to have it close up, but hubby convinced me to let it be, that i can't even stand ankle chains now

That the only form of exercise i do, is to make sure i walk everyday, that i don't think i will ever join a gym ( i'll let you know when that changes)

That i hate jogging, i hear its's a great way to exercise your whole body and it's right up there with swimming, but no, i'll rather starve..

That i still laugh when i remember my brother forcing encouraging me to jog round our estate, that it sometimes ended in me sitting on the floor and refusing to take one more step if he wouldn't let me walk back home

That i wish i had taken Taekwondo classes like my brother,( he has a black belt), that i really would have loved to kick the ass of any one who messes with me or mine, that i am a great fan of *Cynthia Rothrock, i think she was super cool.

That when i consider the amount of training my brother puts in, including hours of jogging and exercising, i am happy to die a wimp

That we enrolled my son in Taekwando classes, and he loves it, that i am living my dream through him plus getting extra two hours of sleep every Saturday when he is in class burning some of his plenteous energy, win-win!

That i adore my husband, that we still behave like newly weds a lot of times

That i get so much joy from watching my husband with my son, he is such a hands - on dad, i love it!

That i love my little boy to bits, that he makes me laugh everyday with his antics

That i am obsessed with looking at fresh/delicious looking food, either in the market or pictures of it

That my husband does not bat an eyelid when i make comments like 'babe look, that vegetable looks so fresh', or 'that plantain has such a great colour'

That i love Puff Puff, i can eat it everyday, same with Chicken/Chips and  Fried Plantain

That i know whole recipes by heart, that i love to experiment and tweak recipes to create new dishes, that i could totally blog about those..

That i could never run a food blog, i am not disciplined enough to do so

That i secretly wish i could live in a small town in Italy i love that place, and that language

That i would be glad if my husband was willing to relocate, i am so upset with this country

That i can move my ears and roll my tongue over, we learnt in Biology class that not everyone can do this

That i still wonder what life would have been like if my parent's marriage had not crashed

That i love, love my siblings, that if there was another life, i would want them to be my siblings again, though i would probably ask for different parents ;)

That i get pure joy from watching my super cute nephew of 18 months dance, he is such a good dancer, he really is happy feet!

That i won't read some books because the way the paper smells give me a headache, i remember one giant novel my mum gave me when i was about nine or so ..never could read it, it stank!

That i use a large print bible, i can't imagine using those purse sized ones, it is torture to read prints that small everyday

That i often wonder what people see in sugar cane, the effort to get the sweetness out is just too much in my opinion, its much easier to lick sugar cubes..

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend xoxo!

* An actress in the 80s, specializing in martial art films

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Still Want You -Tramaine Hawkins

Here is an oldie, i have loved this song like forever, it always ministers to me when i am down, here is 'I still want you by' Tramaine Hawkins


I begin to give up on me
When i took a look at reality
I said, what am i still trying for?
Lord you don't need me anymore

It must have been something that i had done
to make you choose another one
Why am i still i this race?
I know i am losing my place
Then he told me

I still want you
I still need you
Nobody else can do
What i want you to do
That's why i created you

I am the one who knows who you are
I'll take you near and i'll take you far
Tramaine, ill never leave you alone
you'll never be on your own

You said, now don't you worry i don't forget
I have never broken one promise yet
You must begin to see
That's why i created you

I still want you
I still need you
Nobody else can do
What i want you to do
That's why i created you


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