Friday, August 31, 2012

Thank God it's Friday :)



Mad as hell!


Slowly coming out of it...


But not quite there, so you better watch it ...


The end of the work week is in sight :)

Friday & Saturday

TGIF, I love my Saturday!!!

Sunday Afternoon

Oh - oh!

Sunday night

Here we go again!!!  

I don't know who came up with this chart, honestly, if i knew who they were, i would give them the credit, because this chart is awesome, it so aptly describes my week in relation to working...

TGIF!!!!!! and Happy new month everyone...   :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

1) I can't believe its been a month since i blogged, life is just spinning by so fast , i can't seem to catch a break, i really didn't mean to disappear again, i promise, and i do try to read as much of your blogs as i can.
2) I spent a week in Osun state with my sweet grandmother , i went with my husband and my son, and it was so relaxing, its been ages since i ate correct  moin moin made with palmoil. Lagos has removed all the rest from me sha.

3) I am truly worried for this country, it seems our leaders are just playing/fooling with us, Nigeria leaders are so absurd and cruel
4) I no longer read newspapers, the head lines alone upset me, so i don't bother to give myself further grief. Although i try to watch Channels news from time to time, so as not to be too out of touch
5) My spirit has left my job completely, i am so tired of the politics, unprofessionalism and the strife, mostly the strife, why are people so mean spirited?.. my boss needs to have his head checked for sure, i sometimes wish someone ( preferably me) would knock him out and take him for a psychiatric evaluation or maybe deliverance, but who will bell the cat?  is it the employees that are busy licking his ass or me who is ready to resign at a moment's notice? it remains to be seen..
6) I have finally decided to go see a doctor so i can try again for a second child? at least if i can't get  my dream job, make i get bele*, she wants us to try naturally for three months, in case the effect of the IUD is the cause of the delay, she wont do any tests before then. She has been  a doctor for over 30 years so who am i to its time to get busy ;)
7) The Olympics or any sporting event always make me wish i was athletic, always. Meanwhile Nigeria please win a medal, please, any medal will do, i hope Bad luck is not the problem here o (pun intended)

8) It will soon be September, that means it will soon be Christmas and a new hopefully better year, i had such high hopes for this year but all i can say it .. 2012 please go quickly abeg*
9) I am in a mode called desperate, i feel like my life depends on some things happening and only God can do those things for me, and i need him to answer me like 6 months ago, so i pray all the time now, even when i am walking on the streets. I know that to the man on the streets, it looks like i am talking to my self, but soliloquy is in my genes there!
10) I saw this quote on a friend's facebook page :
@RickWarren: Prayer is sometimes passionate worship,sometimes difficult work, sometimes heated warfare,sometimes a nice walk together.
 and  realised that, that is exactly how prayer is to me, it was quite comforting really :)
11) Does anyone know what happened to Asha?, i really miss her on blogville, i hope everything is alright with her.

Alright folks enjoy the weekend! xoxo

Pidgin English for
* Get Pregnant
** Please


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