Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kolebaje by Lara George

Today, i am sharing another song by Lara George. This one in particular is a favourite of my son and i. I give you 'kolebaje'{ it cannot be destroyed}, in honour of my little boy's birthday. Jesse turned four today, and i still can't believe it's already been four years but it is, it is ( where has my baby gone??? and i want another baby!!!). We love this song because the beat is good for a dance and its always hilarious to see Jesse dance to this song and attempt to 'Komole' {stoop low while dancing} funny....i guess it also enforces what my hubby always says about our love/marriage, a scripture he always quotes, Its in Ecclesiastes 3:14 , the first part says, 'I know that, whatsoever God does, it shall be forever' , he even had it imprinted on our wedding invitation ..really romantic!.  Kolebaje does not need any major translation work (thanks be to God for that), so i have done the bare minimum, as we are having a party for Jesse today and i gotta run!



Ise t’Oluwa se o a 
What the lord has done
Ko le baje
 it cannot be destroyed
And all that’s lovely in your life

 Ko ni daru
 will not be scattered

When it seems like all has ended know

 (Ko le baje)
Ko le baje, ko le baje o 

(Ko le baje)
Ko ni daru, ko ni daru o 

(ko le baje) (2ce)


Sitting by my window
Thinking about my life
It seems so empty
Is it all a lie
Needing some answers
Needing reasons why
The road is so rough
Feeling like I just might die (but) 

Repeat Chorus:

One day, one day
One day, I know I’ll sing a song
Know I’ll tell a story, a song of praise
I’ll sing of how I was delivered
How I came from misery to ecstasy 

Kole mo’le, ko’le mo’le

We will build lots and lots of houses ( note : building your own house in Nigeria is a big deal) 
Bi’mo rere, bi’mo rere
We will have lots of good children ( note : children also; tres important )
Ire owo l’odun mo’dun
The gift of riches year after year
Ayo m’ayo titi aye

Endless joy forever
Gbogbo ire mi ko ni daru o

All that is good in my life will not be scattered
Ko le baje

Will not be destroyed

And all that’s lovely in your life 

(Ko ni daru) 
When it seems like all has ended know, 
just know, just know 
Ko le baje, ko le baje o (ko le baje)
Ko ni daru, ko ni daru o (ko le baje)
Ah ko le baje o (ko le baje)
Rara o ko le daru mo o (ko le baje)
Ah ko le baje o (ko le baje)
Ko le baje (ko le baje)

Happy Birthday, our little prince, you are our gift from God, and we are truly blessed to have you!


  1. hi... happy birthday to your son... I enjoyed this post cos I have a one year old cousin who dances to every thing... music or not... lol, and I can imagine your son in action... also Ko le baje is a great song...

  2. Awww, Happy birthday to Jesse. I also love the song even though i didn't understand the meaning. I liked the dancy beats though. I can pix Jesse "Komoleing". LOL. Hmmmm, you want another baby abi. Ok ooo. :-)

  3. thank you sooo much for translating this song! I needed to hear this today..:D

    Happy belated to the little man.

  4. Awww! I missed this. Happy Belated Birthday to Jesse. May he increase in wisdom and knowledge and continue to be a blessing. God will grant you your heart's desires too (more children) in Jesus name.

    I have heard this song countless times, but I stumbled over some of the lyrics, even the English parts (e.g. When it seems like all has ended know) and the Yoruba parts too (e.g. Gbogbo ire mi ko ni daru o). I can't even tell you what my "substitute lyrics" were. You will just shake your head. LOL! Thanks a lot for the lyrics. What God does is truly everlasting.


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