Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

2011 was one of those years am glad to see come to an end, of course, it had its ups and downs like any other year, but i'll say it was mostly downs for me, it was a tough year, not my toughest but its definitely up there in the top three. All in all, i have grown, funny how hardship brings out stuff we never knew we had, i even started this blog because i needed a place to vent, am so glad i joined blogsville, much love to all my blog friends, you guys are awesome
Goodbye 2011, i shall not miss you, welcome 2012 , i am giddy with excitment of the possibilities that you can bring.. Happy new year everyone!

I raise my glass, here is to a year of all goodness. As for me; unto him who is able to keep me , i commit this new year!


  1. Happy New Year! I am also giddy with excitement over what this year will bring. Thank you so much for your support last year ....

    I guess good things are born out of adversity, seeing as you started this blog because you needed to vent. I am more than happy to say Goodbye to 2011 too ... Happy 2012, again!

  2. Happy New Year dear. Thank God for blogsville, cos I got to meet you and read your lovely write ups. Glad you saw the stronger you that the challenges of 2011 brought out. God will surely keep you and your family in 2012. Have a fabulous year dear.

  3. Happy new*

  4. :)
    happy New Year, Please check out my blog: n follow back :)
    Nice blog

  5. Amen! Me too!

    Happy New Year Jemima!

  6. @Relentless Happy new year, my dear. yes o,we are waiting for the new year and its promises..
    @ Che, i am so glad to have met you too, happy new year to you, may his be your best year yet
    @ Blogaratti, Mobola and Ms Buki, Happy new year to all of you,may this be a joyful year for all of us!

  7. happy new year! i hope that 2012 is an incredible year for you!

  8. Happy new to you too Faith, praying for an awesome 2012 for you and Sean..ill be stalking :)


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