Sunday, January 29, 2012

Only a God like you

I love the album You are the only one by Wale Adenuga, i had done a post on one of the songs on this album earlier. Another well loved song on the album is Only a God like you and was originally written by Tommy Walker, lyrics are below, enjoy!                         

For the praises of men 

I will never ever stand 
For the kingdoms of this world 
I'll never give my heart away 
Oh shout my praise 
My allegiance and devotion 
My heart's desire and all emotion 
Go to serve the Man 
Who died upon that tree 

Only a God like You 
Could be worthy of my praise 
And all my hope and faith 
To only a King of all kings 
Do I bow my knee and sing 
Give my everything (x2) 
To only my Maker my Father my Savior 
Redeemer Restorer Rebuilder Rewarder 
To only a God like You 
Do I give my praise 

Only the God who left his throne above
He came to live with us 
Come to be one of us 
To only the one 
Who stopped to heal that blind man 
Took the time to save that one lost lamb 
To only the King Who wore that crown of thorns 
So I could wear the crown of life 
And to only the One Who conquered sin and death 
So we could be set free 
So we could stand here and sing 

Only a God like You 
Only a God like You 
Only a God like you (x4) 

To only my Maker my Father my Savior 
Redeemer Restorer Rebuilder Rewarder 
To only a God like You 
I give my praise

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday ..blessings!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nigerian Harmattan

This is an interesting piece about the fuel subsidy protests by Nkem Ifejika, i thought to share it

There you have it folks, Nigeria's Harmattan , we will wait for spring!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Too much right now

Things have pretty much gone out of hand in this country, with the recent bombings in Kano, its just sad, sad,  sad and we have a government. I don't understand all this talk  by our president , he is just talking and doing nothing about it, does he think he is president so he can just enjoy life? i reckon that must be the sorry state of his mind because i just don't get it. I remember that the first bomb that went off  in this regime was in Abuja at our 50th anniversary celebration, apparently he thought it was a joke, as we were told not to panic,  it was just a distraction by the people trying to derail his (Goodluck) government. I hope it can be understood by our leaders that loss of people's lives is anything but a distraction, it's collossal, it an unforgivable and irreplaceable loss. Our president has since changed his music to different variations of English sentences that all mean the same thing i.e. we will bring those who did this to Justice. What a joke, can we have some action please!

My puzzle still remains, why is our government carrying on as if nothing is at stake, why isn't anyone doing anything , from that first bomb blast there have been so many more and all we have heard from President Goodluck is English. Honestly my heart truly bleeds for this country, we have no regard for human life, neither the quality of the life nor the extinguishing of that life means much to our leaders, there is already so much suffering and penury in Nigeria, and now this? it really is heart breaking, and my prayers are with the families of those who lost loved ones.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Occupy Nigeria - My thoughts

I resumed work last Tuesday, and i was sad, not because i hate my job ( which i do) , but because of the way things turned out, i am feeling anti-climax-ish .The week of the protest has been history in the making, what an exciting time to be a Nigerian!

For the first time Nigerians collectively said no to a system of oppression and tyranny, and we proved that Nigerians may be long suffering but we do have our limits ( thank God for this fact). I had been angry, livid really since the annoucement of the fuel subsidy removal, but i didn't want to blog about it, politics is something i am very passionate about and i did not want to turn this into a political blog . I mentioned in an earlier post that i was a bit apprehensive about the upcoming strike, i believed that the NLC* would sell Nigerians out ( which they eventually did), i was also convinced that Nigerians would just back down and swallow this too, that thought alone was traumatising for me .....but i am so happy i was wrong.

For me, some things were expected ( i have mentioned one already) and some were surprises, Must have been a surprise to some that our president is actually not the listening president we scratch that ...people thought he was, i didn't vote for him, i did not trust him, i had already seen the signs. Nigerians ( i was one of them) canvassed to have him sworn in as acting president, when the Late president Yaradua was alleged sick /dead, whichever one you chose to believe. Eventually, it was confirmed that he (Yaradua) had died and Jonathan was eventually made the president. One could argue that since he was just 'acting ' president, he had to soft pedal, but even after he was officially sworn in, unforgivably, he did nothing , Nigerians have been so stagnant and so starved that anything, anything at all that has the semblance of  progress (however little) made by our government is always applauded...  i saw then that he was not a purposeful person, or leader if you are feeling generous, again he filled the remaining of the late President Yaradua's tenure with nothingness.

Enter his own tenure, save for the 'six years/single tenure' debate for public holders which dragged on and on in a way that was reminiscence of a merry - go -  round, again a blank.. that is exactly what i expected from him, i had earlier seen that for him it was just business as usual PDP the corrupting influence in Nigeria (this is open for discussion), or are we looking at another evil genius in the making,..i choose not to ascribe to him such ingenuity, he simply does not come across as being that smart... moving on....

We finally have some action on the first of January, like a script gone bad, our president announces the removal of fuel subsidy, lets us remember here that the subsidy would not have existed in the first place if we actually had decent leaders. So, we might have had our doubts about the integrity of our government and whether we even had a democracy in the first place, suddenly it became crystal clear, our government is insensitive and draconian, because there is nothing the government does for Nigerians...nothing, and to rub salt on the wound, it was announced on new year's day by the petroleum regulatory body and not the president, on a day when other leaders were addressing their nations and presenting their plans for the new year. Talk about award winning insensitivity, i mean, who increases fuel price in an economy where everything is fuel dependent?, and on the first of January when everyone is broke. Everyone knows that January is a long month, it is the month of austerity and school fees, its payment time for the last month's splurging, January means this is how our government chose to greet Nigerians in the new year...welcome to 2012 the year of ------ fill in the blank.

The audacity of our leaders is shocking, over 1 trillion naira was paid out by the presidency for the said 'subsidy' without appropriation from the senate,  Mr. president also stated through his spin doctor Reuben Abati ( Dr Abati lends credence to the belief that everyone has a price, everyone? ), that the resolution of the house of representative for him to revert to N65 was a mere opinion, a mere opinion from your house of reps?, in a democracy?, our president also promised to cut down on government spending and look into overlapping ministries, what? ( ministry of information and communication vs ministry of science and technology comes to mind ) so he admits there are overlapping ministries, he does. These are impeachable acts in any normal society, but Nigeria does not even come close to normal, we are governed by morons, the presidency, senate and the house of reps unfortunately are birds of the same feather..sad but not surprising.

Our government must have been surprised by the reaction of Nigerians, i know, i was surprised, what have they done to my people?, gone are the docile, door mat-ish, long suffering people of  Naija, people who ( as we jokingly say in my family) when pushed to the wall , will push the wall back, we were finally standing up for what we believed and there was no stopping us. That one week of protests was the birthing of a whole new Nigeria. I did not expect another 'Arab spring', no not all, but it was a start, and it seemed destined to keep gaining momentum, until the NLC brought it to a screeching halt. Not to worry, we are finally thinking, we are asking questions, analyzing, probing, i loved watching the different discussions on television , both by really intelligent people and dismal idiots,  i marveled, my people have finally come of age.

I stayed glued to my television, on the days i could not go to Ojota ( where my heart really was) to join the protesters, i was only able to go for two days, i felt great, i hate all this talking and no action!

When the NLC called off the strike on Monday, i was not surprised, i had seen the handwriting on the wall, besides, NLC has always played Judas by and by. So at 97 Naira per litre we got a 50% decrease, which is still expensive, and will not make much difference to the cost of living. This announcement was made, by the way by a stern looking Jonathan, who had deployed soldiers to Ojota so we could no longer protest. We got no tangible results about the probes into the petroleum ministry and government's shameful and wasteful spending ,that was an anticlimax of massive proportions BUT a tiny flame has began to burn and it will keep getting brighter. I have hope, history has a way of repeating itself,  ultimately Pharaoh must let God's people go, there is no other way.

* Nigerian Labour congress

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Its Winnie the Pooh day!

Bet you didn't know today was Winnie the pooh day, did you?, well it is. Thanks to my husband who pointed our son in the direction of Winnie the pooh, and my son who was willing to be pointed, we are all pooh bear enthusiasts in my home, we got the teddy bear, bag, DVDs, posters, book covers ....we are totally poohcentric. Truth is, this is one of the only non- christian cartoons that we allow our son to watch, the cartoons shown these days are too violent and lewd for children in our opinion . So why is it pooh day today you might ask?, well Alan Alexander Milne (also known as A.A. Milne) was born on this day January 18th in 1882. We have him to thank for the creation of this well loved character. His son's name was Christopher Robin and the stories were based on actual toys owned by him (Christopher) . Here is the original trailer for the first Winnie the pooh series, (notice Tigger had not yet been introduced at that time, he was added much later) I promise you i can totally sing along....

Also here are two links for fun facts about Winnie the Pooh, a little history lesson if you will

You are very welcome :)

 I am doing a post about the just concluded strike in Nigeria,will put it up as soon as i have been able to  collect my thoughts ..much love!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I speak to Nigeria

The strike is starting tomorrow and i have mixed emotions about it, a part of me thinks that maybe the strike will be futile, i think Nigeria is too steeped in corruption to change so easily, its in too deep, into the very roots of our nation, its not only the government that has things wrong, the people do too. I mean, listening to the sick arguments of those who support the fuel subsidy, (notice none of them are poor and they are all affiliated to the government in some way or the other) has my stomach in tight can people be so short sighted and self centered? i wonder.... even the common man on the street is quick to oppress when he has the power to do so. I am appalled by some Nigerians who complain about the subsidy removal on one hand but have also tripled the price of their wares simply because they can, talk about man's injustice to his fellow man.. smh.
I really pray that the strike by some miracle is super effective because people have it hard already in this country and It's simply unacceptable the way things are going. I follow politics and things like that very closely because i believe that God is very particular about leadership and he hates oppression. However, i am unable to spiritualise politics, my opinion on leadership and governance sounds something like this, people get the kind of leadership they allow or people get the kind of leadership they deserve. I assure you both categories of people exist in the entity called Nigeria and then some, i believe good people should get involved in politics instead of just praying, bad leadership equals to ....let's just say an example is Nigeria if you will..sad, very sad!
I have been praying about Nigeria a lot more these days because i do love my country and i just do not see anything short of a miracle saving the day now, honestly i don't. I have been playing this song since yesterday because it comforts me, since it's Sunday, let me share it with you, It's called we speak to nations....enjoy!


Hear the sound
The sound of the nations calling
Hear the sound
The sound of the fathers crying
Who will go for us
Who will shout to the corners
Of the earth
That Christ is King

We speak to nations
Be open
We speak to nations
Fall on your knees
We speak to nations
The kingdom is coming near to you
Oh we speak to strongholds
Be broken
Power of darkness
You have to flee
We speak to nations
The kingdom is coming near to you
We speak to you
Be free be free

Hear the sound
The sound of the nations worshipping
Hear the sound
Of sons and daughters singing
We will go for you
We will shout to the corners of the earth
That Christ is King

  Repeat Chorus 2 times

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The way we talk - The Nigerian context

The new year has began in earnest, so i might as well continue my series on the unique things about Nigeria and Nigerians.
This particular post has been sitting in my draft folder for a least a month, which in itself is not strange as i am the queen of draft posts, i can usually start a post with plenty of enthusiasm, but before i can complete it, one of two things happen, it's either i lose my inspiration or  i get distracted by other things, i don't think its anything to worry about, you know, living in Nigeria is pretty hard now, let's just embrace this fact okay?, moving on.....

We have our very own meanings for some English words/phrases in Nigeria, you don't believe me?, check out this list below, if you live in Nigeria or you were bred here, i dare you to tell me you don't use/have not used any of these words or phrases:

To note:  Nigerians speak perfectly good English, and we know what the actual words mean but these are our own adaptions and are unique to us, and are used alongside the correct English words all the time. Sometimes the Nigerian meanings are very similar to the actual meaning of the word  and sometimes they have absolutely no connection. See below list complete with examples .....

Customer :
English Language meaning  : Someone who buys goods or services
The Nigerian meaning : Someone from whom you buy goods or services
I am coming :
English Language meaning: Used when you are actually coming
The Nigerian meaning : Used when you are actually going, it  means 'i am coming back'
English Language meaning : Your parents
The Nigerian meaning : Anyone who is old is old enough to be your parents or anyone who thinks they can birth you (ticks me off whenever this card is played)

Uncle/Aunt :
English Language meaning : The sibling of any of your parents.
The Nigerian meaning : Anyone who is older than you or anyone who thinks they are older than you (!)

Jam :
English Language meaning : To force something, music, a type of food, a difficult situation etc
The Nigerian meaning: to hit something forcefully eg , 'He jammed my gate with his car'

Butter :
English Language meaning : Its a type of spread used for eating, baking etc
The Nigerian meaning : A person born with a silver spoon e. g. 'His daughter is a butter'

Change :
English Language meaning : To Improve or be different, can also be used in respect to money break money into smaller pieces
The Nigerian meaning : Smaller units of money received after purchasing a good or service. e.g. 'please can i have my change?'

Escort :
English Language meaning : To go with someone and show them a place or to go with someone to make sure the arrive safetly.
The Nigerian meaning : To go with someone to keep them company, to show them a place or to see them out after a visit to your house.

Bogus :
English Language meaning : False, not real or not legal
The Nigerian meaning: Big and very obvious e.g. 'his car is too bogus'

Dress :
English Language meaning : A garment worn by a female
The Nigerian meaning: A garment worn by both male or female or to move while in a siting position, eg please dress for me, i am not sitting comfortably

Ride :
English Language meaning : To travel on/in something e.g to ride a horse or to ride in a car or                              To control someone and force them to work  e.g. My boss is riding me too hard                                      
The Nigerian meaning : To control someone for the purpose of cheating them eg.the policeman was riding that bus driver

Chance : 
English Language meaning : An Opportunity
The Nigerian meaning: To cheat or take advantage of someone e.g,if you are not smart, that officer will chance you

Sound :
English Language meaning : Noise, something you can hear
The Nigerian meaning : To hit someone usually on the face eg, don't let me sound you

I can't shout :
English Language meaning : Means exactly that
The Nigerian meaning: An expression that means ; that's just the way it is or 'i don't want to get into trouble' eg, 'that's my mum's vase  please be careful with it, i can't shout !

Dense :
English Language meaning : Thick, difficult to go or see through
The Nigerian meaning : Completely stupid person eg , that man is so dense

March :
English Language meaning : A month of the year, to go forward, to walk in a stately and deliberate manner
The Nigerian meaning : To step on someone or something eg, please watch where you are going and don't march me

Blow :
English Language meaning : To move and make currents of air, to make a sound by forcing air out of your mouth or nose , a hard hit with a hand or a weapon
The Nigerian meaning: To punch/hit someone hard eg. i will give you a blow if you keep making me angry

Goat :
English Language meaning : A type of animal
The Nigerian meaning : A stubborn person or an idiotic person e.g. That guy is just a goat 

Jargon :
English Language meaning : Special words used by a certain group of people, especially in their profession
The Nigerian meaning: To speak utter rubbish, e. g. he was not making any sense,he was just speaking Jargon

Draw :
English Language meaning : To make a picture , to attract , to pull something
The Nigerian meaning: To pull something, to stretch something eg. please help me draw the rope well

Widow :
English Language meaning : A woman whose husband has died and has not married again
The Nigerian meaning: A woman who is married, and whose husband might or might not be dead  ..this is courtesy of the DAME, i will have to ask her for an example

* Dvidends of Democracy :
English Language meaning :  Simply means gains of democracy
The Nigerian meaning : Nice sounding cliche,but absolutely meaningless phrase meant to deceive Nigerians

* Subsidy :
English Language meaning : Money given as part of the cost of something to help or encourage it to happen
The Nigerian meaning : The difference between the real and imagined cost of something, this difference is usually stolen by the government from the people and the people are expected to be grateful to the government for 'subsidy' .... do i sound bitter? i am!

* When i started this post, it was strictly for laughs, but now, i am so upset with the Nigerian government that i just had to include the last two !

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

2011 was one of those years am glad to see come to an end, of course, it had its ups and downs like any other year, but i'll say it was mostly downs for me, it was a tough year, not my toughest but its definitely up there in the top three. All in all, i have grown, funny how hardship brings out stuff we never knew we had, i even started this blog because i needed a place to vent, am so glad i joined blogsville, much love to all my blog friends, you guys are awesome
Goodbye 2011, i shall not miss you, welcome 2012 , i am giddy with excitment of the possibilities that you can bring.. Happy new year everyone!

I raise my glass, here is to a year of all goodness. As for me; unto him who is able to keep me , i commit this new year!


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