Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ijoba Orun by Lara George

I was listening to this song, on the way to work this morning, and i thought i would share the song and the lyrics. This is a powerful song by our very own Lara George. It is actually a very old song, redone beautifully by Lara without losing its deep spirutual meaning.  Since the song is in Yoruba, i will do my best to translate  ( though  i speak Yoruba fluently, i suck at translation)
Important to note, in translating, a lot of meaning will be lost, like all languages, one is usually unable to understand the words spoken in their proper context except you speak the language ..enjoy !

Lyrics below with translation in italics 

Ijoba Orun

Ijoba orun, ere Onigbagbo o (x2)
The Kingdom of heaven, the reward of the believer

Ma je n kuna, Baba , Mu mi dele o (x2)
Do not let me faint, father, Lead me home

Verse :
Owo ti mo ni, ko le mu mi dele o
The money I have, cannot take me home

Moto ti mo ri ra, ko le wa mi dele o
The car I have brought, cannot take me home

Ore ti mo ni, ko le sinmi dele o
The friends that I have, cannot escort me home

Gbogbo iwe ti mo ri ka, won o le gbe mi rele o
All the education that I have, cannot take me home

Ma je n kuna, Baba, mu mi dele o (x2)
Do not let me faint, Father, lead me home

ki n ma ku sajo bi efin, mu mi dele o
Do not let me perish on the journey like smoke, lead me home

Aye loja, oorun ni ile , Mu mi dele o (x2)
This world is a market, heaven is home, lead me home

Mu mi dele o (x8)
Lead me home

Ma ma je n kuna
Do not let me faint

Baba ooo (x2)

Mu mi dele o (x5)
lead me home

Ile ogo
The home of glory

Ile ayo, Ile ayo (x2)
The home of Joy

Ile alafia
The home of peace

Ile ogo
The home of glory

Ile ayo, Ile ayo (x2)
The home of joy

Ile Alafia
The home of peace

Ijoba orun, ere Onigbagbo o (2ce)
The Kingdom of heaven, the reward of the believer

Ma je n kuna…..
Do not let me faint


  1. Thanks for translating this song. It's one of my absolute favourites, I love it! Nice blog!

  2. Yes, Lara truly did justice to this song and really helped to bring it into the limelight.

    Your translation was fine now (Better than I would have done, at least)... Don't be so hard on yourself :-)

  3. @ Free truths, you are welcome, its one of my fave worship songs too..am glad i could be of help :)
    @ Relentless, if you think my translation made sense, then i am a very happy woman, my third language is french and i went back to school to learn it, it was then i realised i sucked at translation...so all is well :)

  4. Oh! This post just made my day! I love, love, love this song! Love the fact you have the translation on here too.

    I'm new here and I'm liking your blog! Think I'll stick around ;)

  5. Every genuine child of God would surely confess that this is more than just a song but an earnest cry from the heart of a heavenly minded believer. seeing the lyrics and translation reveals to me the weight of this song. it calls to alert those that are sleeping at a critical time like this. God bless you sir, and God help Lara George not to miss out herself at last! I also need song lyrics of Christ For the Nations Institute album: 'we lavish our love' can someone get them for me?

  6. OMG This song is so powerful & deep! I've always loved this song but never knew the actual meaning of the song cos I'm not yoruba & don't understand it too.I love Lara George she's actually one of my favourite musicians. Thank you so much for bringing it on!

  7. I was touched by the translation, thank you and remain blessed


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