Sunday, October 30, 2011

Heritage by Jahdiel

I love this song by Jahdiel, she is quite a remarkable vocalist and her songs are creatively written, lyrics are below


Oh I was made for this
To know your tender kiss 
To know this love is mine
To know this love is ours
And I was made to laugh
I was made to sing
Given the gift of life
You gave me everything
My feet were made to dance
My spirit made to soar
My life is not by chance
You give me more and more
And I was made to laugh
I was made to sing
And all that stole my joy
I left it at the cross

This one na my heritage
This one na my culture
This one na my tradition
I go follow Jesus
I go carry the gospel well well
I go carry Jesus higher higher
E mercies no dey cease
E love no dey die

For a very long time
I've come to know
I am from another country
For a very long time
I've come to know
I am from another nation
My name is Jahdiel
I come from Zion
I'm representing the most high on Earth
I speak in tongues
I heal the sick
By the power of Jesus in me
This is the way of life
This is the thing I do
Am a Christian
I am for the lord

This one na my heritage
This one na my culture
This one na my tradition
I go follow Jesus
I go carry the gospel well well
I go carry Jesus higher higher
E mercies no dey cease
E love no dey die

[Repeat 1st Verse]

This one na my heritage
This one na my culture
This one na my tradition
I go follow Jesus
I go carry the gospel well well
I go carry Jesus higher higher
E mercies no dey cease
E love no dey die
This one na my heritage
This one na my culture
This na my tradition
I go follow Jesus
I carry the gospel well well
I go carry Jesus higher higher
E mercies no dey cease
E love no dey die...

Today i declare that "The lord is my portion says my soul, therefore i hope in him " Lam 3:24..Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little things that make life wonderful

Oh how i love thee, little things, so full of wonderful stuff, this particular one was inspired by mom, because kindred spirit is truly awesome!

Monday, October 24, 2011

I"ll do anything for you

Hubby and i were talking about some old musicals this weekend, and we went through so many of them , Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Chitty chitty bang bang, ...can you tell how much i love musicals yet? ...Annie, Mary Poppins, Seven brides for seven brothers , and of course the only musical that i love almost as much as Sound of Music....drum roll...Oliver Twist, starring Mark Lester, seriously i still know all the songs in Oliver twist ( well almost) by heart, and Sound of Music too of course( ill be honest i still watch Sound of music) .. i love this musical, its a classic and i decided to teach my son one of my favourite song in are some pictures of the original Oliver Twist that we watched as children, am told it was filmed in 1968, funny we first had it in black and white and then later in coloured in our home, even my mum knows this musical is the song  i'll do anything for you by Mark Lester or not, i read that that lovely voice does not belong to Mark Lester it was a voice over..anyway i decided to teach Jess this song this weekend, i thought i'd share ..

Ps. I forgot to mention that Hubby brought home Annie as a surprise for me some months ago and now we are almost going deaf with our own 'Annie'; singing 'Tommorrow' tunelessly :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How great is our God by Chris Tomlin

One of my all time favourite worship songs, we serve a great,great God! Here is Chris Tomlin performing the song live! lyrics below...

How great is our God 

The splendor of a King, clothed in majesty
Let all the earth rejoice
All the earth rejoice

He wraps himself in Light, and darkness tries to hide
And trembles at His voice
Trembles at His voice

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great is our God

Age to age He stands
And time is in His hands
Beginning and the end
Beginning and the end

The Godhead Three in One
Father Spirit Son
The Lion and the Lamb
The Lion and the Lamb

Name above all names
Worthy of our praise
My heart will sing
How great is our God

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great is our God 

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

"Eat it, you will be big and strong"

I would like to say that i don't lie!...but that would not be true. Actually, i don't lie easily, and because i am a christian, i do my best, to be truthful in my dealings with the human race, which i was doing pretty well.. until motherhood happened... now i tell my son a lot of 'white' lies, or not so white lies without even thinking about it, i do it for his own good, and mine too if i am honest. Its so hard to get children to do the right things and kids sometime make you want to tear your hair out from time to time BUT i have to admit that one of the 'joys' i looked forward to having in my desire to be a mother, that is apart from the proper and noble reasons like, someone to love, a child to call my own, someone to carry on the family name, blah blah blah....y'all know the legit reasons. One of the things i looked forward to doing when i finally had kids was having someone to legally terrorise, .....lord knows i deserve it!, my mum was strict..and i wanna do a bit of 'because i said so, that's why' too... um, not so effective on today's kids, but a girl can try...

Anyway, Jesse is at that stage where he usually will not obey any instruction unless he sees what he 'considers' an advantage to doing so. So enter the white lies ;)

My son, regularly does somersaults right after having a meal, don't ask me why, must be a boy thing, i tell him " the food will come out of your nose if you continue to do that" :)
He loves to ask the same questions over and over again,  i have been known to threaten him with stapling his lips together.
He is terrified of hospitals, doctors, and injections, so a trip to the doctor or an injection is a threat for every naughty behaviour.
I threaten him, that i will have all his bones broken when i am really upset with him (bad, bad mummy, i know)
When i have had enough of his sticking his hands in dangerous places such as electrical sockets, or when he keeps trying to get dangerous objects such as knifes that are ALWAYS out of his reach, i just inform him that his hands will fall off at his next attempt ....oh the joys of motherhood :)

The last and most consistent untruth has to do with my son refusing to eat anything remotely hot or spicy in recent times, and i am having none of that, i know his desire is to live on Sweets, Cakes, Biscuits, Indomie noodles and Ribena!, what respectable Nigerian child does not eat pepper..gasp!, you mean he will never know the joys of Goatmeat peppersoup???...unthinkable!, something had to be done to rescue him, so we have begged, cajoled, bribed, spanked him all to no avail (imagine spanking someone to make them eat?), so one day i told him after he had refused to eat for the umpteenth time 'eat it , you 'll be big and strong', i just said it without thinking, insignificant words i had heard years back, just slipped out of my mouth and my son listened, he took the first bite, not many more bites later.. i realised..... Eureka!!!, i had found a way, my son has dreams of driving trucks, yes trucks and air planes and we have told him, that will only happen when he is bigger, surprisingly he made the connection, in his desire to grow big 'like daddy' ,he is attempting to eat spicy food...yay!!!

Since them, we all just tell him, he will only be big and strong like his dad, if and only if he eats pepper, and it's working!.. i even opted to pay for lunch at his school, because the only thing he eats when i pack his lunch is what he calls 'yellow rice' (fried rice), noodles, sandwiches and pancakes, thankfully, he is slowly improving because they serve 'pepper food' (as he calls it) in school and he sees other children eating it... ..its too cute that he actually believes us,  he can be heard often asking people he sees having a meal , 'so you will be big and strong some more now right?' , i always have to explain what's going on to whoever he was barraging with questions...and as if that was not bad enough, on one occasion, we were in the car, and we got into traffic, and he noticed a dwarf hawking some CDs in traffic, without missing a beat, he shouts "mum, look!, that man did not eat pepper, he did not grow big" ..i quickly covered his mouth..phew!... he usually tells me every morning now while standing on tip toes "mummy look,i ate pepper yesterday, i am big now" and my reply is always to 'encourage' him  to eat some more to get to his dad's height and you were a fly on my wall, you would hear the phrase 'eat it, you'll be big and strong' at almost every meal time. I wish i could take the credit for this ingenious lie , but i can't , i met a Polish girl many years ago in Europe and she told me a lot interesting things about her country, and she told me that it is the norm for parents to utter that phrase to children who do not eat vegetables, i  have no way of knowing how true it is, but i love it and i intend to continue to use and even to modify this 'truth' some other way as the need arises .<wink wink>.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little things that make life wonderful

This image is from little things, she has a great collection, but for some reason, i can't reblog, so i have copied the image below..

God has been good!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My first award:)

So i was given the versatile blogger award by the wonderful relentless builder, thank you so much girl, your gesture is truly appreciated. I am told the award comes with conditions which are,  
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post 
  • Share 7 things about yourself 
  • Pass this award to 15 recently discovered bloggers and let them know about it 

I have met the first condition, next is the second :

7 random things about me
I will have to think of random things i have not yet shared on my random things about me page

1)  I am seriously intuitive, i just know things, i  believe it is called the gift of 'word of knowledge' in the Bible 
2) I love perfumes, i usually have a collection of my favourite designers at any given time, unless i am broke 
3) I always said i wanted to marry a guy that had an English surname, now six years after rocking the English last name, i wonder what the big deal was about :)
4) I honestly think i should have read something different for my University degree, i should just have read something i actually found interesting like Literature ( i love to read) or Geography ( i love to travel)  and in case you are wondering, i have a degree in human resources..i found it boring!!!!
5) I still wonder how life would have turned out if my dad had been there, i probably will always wonder
6) I loved being single, i really did, i think it has to do with my being an independent soul, marriage is good, don't get me wrong, but its hard work and even though i am in a good marriage, and i married a man i loved, plus i married at what my mum considered a ripe old age of 28, i would marry at 30 if i could do it all over again and have two extra years to really rock being single!, whether hubby will wait for me is another thing entirely..sure he will wait, he can't live without me you know, he loves me ;)
7) I dislike the wedding/engagement rings i currently wear, even though they are pretty expensive and were brought from Italy, i still prefer the original ones i got married in, even though they were of a lesser quality. Robbers took the first set about three months after our wedding, then we got these new ones , but truth is i only wear the new set of rings because a married woman should have rings, not because i like them, its too loud and busy for me. I think its time i did something about it and stop complaining, don't you think? 

Now for the third part, i am pretty new to blogging so getting 15 recently discovered bloggers will be a challenge since i am just ' newly discovered' myself so here is to the bloggers i follow that i think have not yet received the award recently , though most of them have been on blogger longer than me....

Dosh -
Che -
Dania -
MimiB -
Blessing -
In the midst of her -
Kemi  -

I now have to inform them ..phew!, thanks again for this relentless :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Little things that make life wonderful

Saw this @ little things, isn't this one of the greatest feelings in the world? 

I love this, i love this!

Wedding Vows Taken Seriously

I have always been intrigued by weddings, i love, love weddings and like every other female, i notice everything when i am at a one,but recently (maybe because maturity is slowly coming) i have began to pay more attention to the vows instead of the whole paraphernalia. I have now realised ( yeah, i know i am slow) we make vows in five minutes or less and then step out into the world without an idea what it will cost to keep those vows for the next 50 years or ( as long as we both shall live). I see that no one takes marriage vows seriously anymore, or maybe the problem is we do not understand why they are called vows and not promises. Ever thought about it, how many promises do you make in front of everyone who is important to you? ...  the fact that those promises are made to God first of all is another issue entirely, because unfortunately, i and a lot of people i know have broken promises made to God because it was just too hard to follow through ( God will understand, i am human ), God expects us to keep our promises to him of course but being the God of mercy that he is, he over looks our ridiculousness ..but i digress .. i know marriage is hard and it takes a lot of work to hold it together, but it can be done, it has taken me six years to believe that 100% , and i trust God i will still be saying the same thing in the next six years:), i do not believe in divorce, except in the case of violence, where it becomes  my only option, plus jail term..ha!
I saw this article today, its so apt i just had to share

Wedding Vows Taken Seriously

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I 'll still choose to worship you

Although i can't talk about everything, that has been happening right now, i have had a difficult couple of weeks, and because of that  i am prone to depression nowadays more than ever. I was on the way to ruining my weekend with my family because something happened AGAIN in my office last Friday, totally unfair i tell you, i have too much to deal with already, honestly but God dey. I was at home trying to pray and ending up mostly whining and complaining, i needed reassurance that everything would be alright you know? because i had completely lost my peace. Anyway while i was kneeling there, i remembered a well loved song, back when i first heard it, i must have played it a hundred times, i am like that when i love a song, but it had been a while since i heard it. Listening to that song was just what i needed ....this was how i got my joy back last weekend...This song is called 'i'll still choose to worship you', from the album 'You are the only one'.. the song was performed by the very talented Cobhams Asuquo in the original CD, i think he wrote it too, but i am not sure. it's such an awesome song, it's speaks of one of the important themes at the heart of the Gospel.

Our Lord Jesus Christ himself said " in the world you will have tribulations: but be of good cheer i have overcome the world" John 16:33   same with the book of James " My brethren count it all joy when you fall into various trials , knowing that the testing of  your faith produces patience" James 1: 2-3 . I  need to remember this more often, i also need to remember that no matter how bad things get , *'my times are in his hands' this song always ministers to me, i hope it does the same for you . I have written the lyrics from memory so if they are not accurate, i apologise in advance,here is Cobhams performing the song live...

Ps: For those who do not know who Cobhams is, i think i should mention that he is blind, which makes this song more awesome!

I still choose to worship you 

Have you read the papers, do you hear what they say ?
Rising unemployment, cost of living everyday is getting high 
Another suicide bomber in a bus with thirty kids, 
It kinda makes me wonder what those children ever did
yet we still go to church and sing shout to the Lord
and we lift up holy hands and we're reading his word 
now i am sitting by my piano with nothing to play
but that doesn't change the fact that God is God anyway

So i sing bless ye the lord through my trials and all my troubles,
i have come with a heart of worship
for the gift of your son, for the grace to fight my battles
i have come to you with thanksgiving
hear my broken cry, see my broken spirit 
but in every situation, i'll still choose to worship you ..

Please forgive me this is not your normal worship song
i try to write a simple song that me and everyone can sing along 
but i realise that there is something about praise
it shouldn't only come when all is seemingly okay
so when you start to cry, like your life is a mess
don't be scared, don't be discouraged it is only a test 
why don't you lift up your voice to the ears of your God
and release sweet smelling savour from your alabaster box 

Singing bless ye the lord, through my trials and all my troubles,
i have come with a heart of worship
for the gift of your son, for the grace to fight my battles
i have come to you with thanksgiving
though the flowers die, see the grasses whither 
but when troubles multiplies, i'll still choose to worship you ..

I worship you, Almighty God, what a mighty God we serve, 
who is there like you Jesus, lover of my soul?
only God to whom all praise is due, 
blessed be the... he will make a are highly...oooo

Bless ye the lord, through my trials and all my troubles,
i have come with a heart of worship
for the gift of your son, for the grace to fight my battles
i have come to you with thanksgiving
singing bless ye the lord, through my trials and all my troubles
i have come with a heart of worship 
for the gift of your son, for the grace to fight my battles, 
i have come to you with thanks giving, 
saying, hear my humble cry, see my broken spirit, 
but in every situation, i'll still choose to worship you ..only you

*Psalm 31: 15

Monday, October 10, 2011


My Grandmother was our baby sitter all through our growing up years, and she had a friend, yes a friend ( i actually was surprised she had friends ) i mean could grandmas have friends too?, more surprising was that  back in the days when i was in secondary school or thereabout, and sometime in my early days at the university, she had a regular friend who would always come around and visit and  for hours it would be two seventy something year old women chatting like teenagers, in their own world, they would laugh and scream and exchange stories only they were old enough to know and use slangs only they could understand, i always enjoyed her visits with my grandma, because it made me see my granny in another light.  I remember something this 'friend' of my granny used to say often which amused me to no end, she would relate a story and she would conclude by saying one single word..Fail!
I later understood the concept of that slang , 'Fail' was used to illustrate an action/decision someone did/took that did not make sense, something that when done,were it to be an examination, the score would be.. you guessed it!

I  retrieved this memory from the achives of my childhood recently and i had a good laugh with my husband about it. I thought about it again last Tuesday when i asked my cousin to buy me smoked chicken from a shop close to the house. I know already that i am not the best at describing places, because i lose my orientation and get lost easily, but since this was a fairly easy and conspicuous location i just gave him a basic description of the area, told him the bustop and i figured he could  always ask people or *okada riders if i was a little off in my description ( note i have been to this shop severally so how off could i have been? ), the only problem that i thought  might  delay his finding the shop was that the shop did not have a big enough sign board to attract attention. Anyway i wanted to smoked chicken for dinner so i begged my cousin to get it for me on his way from work since he would get home before the shop closed.

He is a really smart guy and i did not think anything of his 'assignment' until he called me in the middle of  'are you kidding me that i have to finish all this work this year?" kind of day saying he could not find the shop. So i said okay, it's close to so and so shop , did you ask the okada guys ( they seem to know every where in Lagos), he then proceeds to tell me he had actually asked people and okada riders and no one seemed to know the shop ( shop in a haystack anyone?) he said he had searched everywhere around the bus stop, i had mentioned to him, and he was now at the next bus stop huh?  ..needless to say i was confused, i called him back three times.. the same responses.. i was so upset i was talking out loud to my self and one of  my colleagues had to come check on me in my office! in complete exasperation i called my brother and asked him to please call my 'lost ' cousin and  explain where the shop was to him ( i had asked my brother to buy the chicken for me once before and i had no such drama), and eventually he told me he had found the place.

During our conversation exchange on the phone, he mentioned that i did not describe the place properly ..okay accepted, he could not see any visible signboard.....check, i already thought that might be a problem ... so i mentioned that there were not many buildings on that side of the road.. you were checking the right side of the road right? ...and he goes 'actually i am checking both sides of the road now' say what???? , It's a building, it does not have the option of changing the side of the road it is located at will!. By this time i was getting really agitated so i called my brother to deal with it, together they were able to locate the shop.

The thing is, i was looking forward to eating smoked chicken that evening , and i really needed him to get to the shop before it closed plus i was busy at work, so i was getting frustrated because he could not find the shop, i really needed him to find the shop on time, so i kept calling to find out on his progress. Maybe he was tired and hungry that day, or... like i said, he is a very smart guy, that really has to be the only explanation, because I still don't get it, how could he have been checking on two sides of the road when i had specifically told him on what side of the road he would find the shop? ...that completely threw me.. that in my own opinion merits a ....Fail!

* Okada- Local name for commercial motor cycle riders.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ijoba Orun by Lara George

I was listening to this song, on the way to work this morning, and i thought i would share the song and the lyrics. This is a powerful song by our very own Lara George. It is actually a very old song, redone beautifully by Lara without losing its deep spirutual meaning.  Since the song is in Yoruba, i will do my best to translate  ( though  i speak Yoruba fluently, i suck at translation)
Important to note, in translating, a lot of meaning will be lost, like all languages, one is usually unable to understand the words spoken in their proper context except you speak the language ..enjoy !

Lyrics below with translation in italics 

Ijoba Orun

Ijoba orun, ere Onigbagbo o (x2)
The Kingdom of heaven, the reward of the believer

Ma je n kuna, Baba , Mu mi dele o (x2)
Do not let me faint, father, Lead me home

Verse :
Owo ti mo ni, ko le mu mi dele o
The money I have, cannot take me home

Moto ti mo ri ra, ko le wa mi dele o
The car I have brought, cannot take me home

Ore ti mo ni, ko le sinmi dele o
The friends that I have, cannot escort me home

Gbogbo iwe ti mo ri ka, won o le gbe mi rele o
All the education that I have, cannot take me home

Ma je n kuna, Baba, mu mi dele o (x2)
Do not let me faint, Father, lead me home

ki n ma ku sajo bi efin, mu mi dele o
Do not let me perish on the journey like smoke, lead me home

Aye loja, oorun ni ile , Mu mi dele o (x2)
This world is a market, heaven is home, lead me home

Mu mi dele o (x8)
Lead me home

Ma ma je n kuna
Do not let me faint

Baba ooo (x2)

Mu mi dele o (x5)
lead me home

Ile ogo
The home of glory

Ile ayo, Ile ayo (x2)
The home of Joy

Ile alafia
The home of peace

Ile ogo
The home of glory

Ile ayo, Ile ayo (x2)
The home of joy

Ile Alafia
The home of peace

Ijoba orun, ere Onigbagbo o (2ce)
The Kingdom of heaven, the reward of the believer

Ma je n kuna…..
Do not let me faint


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